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world stage design competition

cardiff, wales

2013 . project


architecture . joão teles barbosa in collaboration for

                      kerimov+parthers architects                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Hopkin´s Structured Theater


The challenge launched by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Dramawas to design a temporary sustainable exterior theatre locatedin the Anthony Hopkins Centre courtyard.


The AHC surroundings and its historical heritage were the startingpoints of our proposal. Beginning with homage to Sir Anthony Hopkins, we used a 1990´s “ Desperate Hours” movie still, an imagefrom a movie of the same year that Sir Anthony Hopkins helpedfunding the transformation of the old stable mews in to a rehearsalstudio. This image is the foundation of our intervention. From this same historical fixture, the stable mews we reinterpretthe hay bales and transform them in construction materials. The next step was to link the concept to the building surroundings. For this we used the vegetation characteristics semblance to implant the Hopkins Structured Theatre in the courtyard. This complex but simple abstract structure merges the courtyard with the local atmosphere. In the interior we have a simple and effective design, which allows both a good performance and a good ambient to the spectators.


At the end Hopkins Structured Theatre is a unique sustainable intervention, based in the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama history but at the same time evokes the uniqueness and fantasy of the contemporary college ambitions.

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