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Based on the proposed challenge - designing FOR PREPARING DESIGN REMODELING THE OLD RAILWAY STATION OF MORA / IMAGE STATION - we intend to respect the past and promote a contemporary image for Mora.


First, the 'respect' for the past and its proper integration into new programmatic solutions and constructive, was a concern. So we try to keep the line elevations ( north and south ) of the two pre -existing ( station and warehouse ) without any visual noise , keeping the memory of the set intact. A rule that guided our deployment solutions with regard to expansion and made ​​necessary a new building.


The deployment IMAGE STATION came to continue the former boarding platform , consolidating the gap to the west and setting new limits for the Station Square.

The design of the new volume resulted in linearity implicitly volumetric distribution of pre-existing, as well as the geometry of the batch of radiality and programmatic requirements .Thus , the volumetric orthogonal embraced the pre -existing, fitting and checking the inlet mouth IMAGE STATION.


The volume seeks to integrate the continuous image of the houses, defined by arch centerings markedly lower dotting the surrounding plains, according to which , we chose a solution of 1 floor and roof gable. A volume abstract, contemporary lines , which integrates and connects to all the pre -existing , cosolidando only a silhouette. Sought that the new intervention was a new state of something that essentially remains .


Architecture:  joão teles barbosa arquitecto  in collaboration with

                         Bruno Barbosa . Pedro Costa . Ines Ferreira




Project Year: 








Estação Imagem Competition 5th place

Mora, Portugal



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