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Architecture:  João Teles Barbosa in collaboration for

                          Joao Laranja Queirós arquitectos + Associados




Project Year: 

Construction Year:







Canidelo Houses

Gaia, Portugal



319 m2




When confronted with the opportunity to do this project, a family house in Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia our concerns began to explore an architectural object, which obey the limits of lot 14 X 7 meters, the program required them to be exploited and architectural issues that we consider to be fundamental in architecture.


The interpretation of the world through the recognition of abstract geometric structures, it was like in the past in present, an object of study and understanding of their own kind of beauty in the world.

From simple forms to more complex, whether symmetrical or balanced, the composition of a good way seems to be inherent in a set of geometric structures, in which the parts and the whole work as one.


Accepting these assumptions as “leight motif” to our establishment, we sought to develop an object which itself would have a geometry so strong and so unified that any construction that would unite this in the future (lot 12), would never lose the power to be a single architectural object (1) leaning against a foreign element, the other (1).

In developing this research, and for reasons that had to do with the design of the lot, we accept that the square, pure form, could serve as a basis for the composition of plants and elevations, which resulted in hierarchy of spaces and voids, which greatly expand in different dimensions.


In addition we are also interested in the issue of “mass”as dimensional element generator of space, ie, the search for a volume that could be excavated depths resulting in the second play of light and shadow.

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